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Resources - Davao Real Estate - How to Search for Homes in Davao

Link to the buyer's guide in purchasing a Linmarr Towers home. Resources-FlowChart Link to the buyer's guide in purchasing a Linmarr Towers home. Resources-FlowChart
 Purchasing Guidelines and Requirements(PDF)
 Requisitos para los Compradores(PDF)

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You can browse through each floor and choose your favorite unit. Find out details ie:

Area measurements
Amortization schedule
Promotional offers

Also, you can try out the mortgage calculator to determine the monthly payments that would suit your budget.

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Welcome to your new home at Linmarr Towers

You’re finally moving to your new home!

It is time to get organized and to manage your time in order to make this move as effortless as possible. We, at Linmarr Towers, understand that it can be an exciting event but can also be overwhelming and stressful. Let us present you with a few perks to make your move a stress-free experience:

  • 'Welcome to Your New Home' gift basket. It contains items that are handy but are sometimes forgotten and overlooked, such as paper towels, toilet paper rolls, and assorted cleaning tools and supplies.

  • 15% off coupon at url link iconLinmarr Davao Hotels and Apartelles for out-of-town families and friends to stay while helping you move. It is conveniently located just a few steps away from your new home.

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A first in Davao!!

Full service MARINA

Holiday Oceanview Samal

Residential lots are now available for sale

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Tomorrow's Neighbourhood Today

- design, architecture, location and value

A condominium complex in downtown DAVAO CITY, Philippines.
Where we enjoy...

Simple Life and Simple Pleasures!

The first step to choosing a home is to find homes for sale. Today you have more house-hunting resources than ever before at your command:


The Internet

Without ever leaving your desk, you can search for homes anywhere in Davao. Internet listings are usually very detailed, with all the information you need (including photos) to decide which homes you want to visit. Using search engines (Yahoo, Google, Live) and with the right keyword you'll find most of the available properties in every parts of the Davao Region. Davao real estate agents have their own sites, too. Using keywords like "Davao Real Estate", "Davao condominium", and "Davao properties", you can discover variety of listings together with community demographic and amenity information across Davao.

Some of the most common type of real estate websites in Davao are from:

Real Estate Agents

A professional agent can search for houses on your behalf (especially if you're very busy), and take you to any homes you wish to visit. Agents are your "inside connection" because they're the first to know about new listings (a real advantage in a hot housing market).

Here is a sample list of Licensed Real Estate Brokers/Agents in Davao:

Agent's Name License No. Contact Numbers
BIONGAN, CHERRY GRACE D. XI-06-414 (N)0921-832-2377
BOLO, ROY V.XI-06-349('R)0920-776-6357, 297-3835
CAINONG (Bebot), JOVENCIOXI-06-413+63 (82)271-4100, +63 (920)919-0358
DOMINGO, EMILY JANE B.XI-06-07-159('R)0920-922-2426, 2218450
HERRADURA, ARNOLDXI-06-378(N)0922-859-8032, 304-0536
LIANGCO, RICARDOXI-06-212('R)303-2493, 297-2006
PANGANIBAN, JYSS ALMA L.XI-06-266('R)0920-301-2606, 297-2291, 228-6711, 301-9439
RABOR, ROY C.XI-06-156('R)0917-702-8901, 297-2785
RIGOR, JOSE FROILAND T.XI-06-384(N)0905-362-6361, 303-3868
TEVES, ELIZABETH R.(JANET UY)XI-06-295('R)286-1277, 0918-902-8915,244-1825
TOREFIEL, CHARITOXI-06-157('R)0917-915-6993, 226-8590

Word of Mouth

Ask family and friends to let you know if they hear of any homes coming on the market. You could be first in the door of your new home before it's officially listed!

New Developments

If new construction appeals to you, check out subdivisions that are currently under development. Builders often post signs and billboards describing the main features of the homes they're building. Ask if there's a model home you can visit.

Newspapers and Periodicals

While not always complete or current, newspapers and flyers (usually distributed around town, parking lots, malls, taxis) can give you a good overview of available properties and typical prices.

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