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Resources - Flow Chart

Link to the buyer's guide in purchasing a Linmarr Towers home. Resources-FlowChart

When in Davao City, stay at Linmarr Davao Hotels and Apartelles

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Check out our Sample Computations .

You can browse through each floor and choose your favorite unit. Find out details ie:

Area measurements
Amortization schedule
Promotional offers

Also, you can try out the mortgage calculator to determine the monthly payments that would suit your budget.

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Did you know that you are just a step away from attaining your dream home? Linmarr Towers will guide and assist you with this easy to follow flow chart. Please hover to or click on an image to view further details.
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1) If you live abroad and have a representative in the Philippines, such as a trusted relative or friend, you can obtain a notarized Special Power of Attorney (S.P.A.) from the Philippine Consulate or Embassy in your country of residence, and designate that person to represent you in purchasing a unit at Linmarr Towers.

2) If you live abroad and do not have a representative in the Philippines, you may browse through our website to know more about the available units, call us, or send us an inquiry, and we will reply to your questions the best we can. If you prefer, reservations and purchases can be made in your absence. We can send you the documents needed to be signed and you will send them back together with your payment and all the required documents listed above. You can also make an appointment with us the next time you visit the Philippines.
Note: For notarization overseas, you will need to provide us a Certification from a Philippine Consulate or Embassy that the Notary Public/Lawyer being used is duly authorized to administer oath.

3) All payments can be made via wire transfer, cheques drawn on Philippine banks, or cash.

4) For more information and details about the documents and forms on this page please visit Resources-Downloads.

5) To view a step-by-step print format, please follow this link Purchasing Guideline and Requirements (PDF file).

6) 購買大廈單位的指導方針及要求條件(PDF)

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