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January 12, 2012


It’s about that time of year again when we all wonder what’s going to happen in the housing market over the next 12 months. We checked into industry insiders and analysts to see what they are saying about trends and patterns for the Philippine real estate market in 2012.


The key approach that Banco Sentral Ng Pilipinas (BSP) is taking is to promote price stability. It is focused on inflation targeting, at low and stable levels, that is supportive of a balanced and sustainable economic growth.

Following a year of stabilization, 2012 appears to be positive, if not slightly reserved optimism. According to the BSP reports, the inflation rate is slightly lower than a year ago and is within the BSP’s target range of 3 to 5%. It is anticipated that the inflation rate will remain stable over 2012 and that bank rates are predicted to continue to remain at historic low levels.


A trend that is gaining momentum is the ready-to-move-in product. Advertisements greatly emphasize when a development is “Ready for Occupancy”, and are beckoning buyers to simply move in and unpack their bags.

In an ever increasing busy lifestyle of most folks, there is just not enough time to run around looking for materials, appliances and fixtures to adorn their new home, not to mention the headaches of choosing a style or color scheme. It therefore makes more sense for them to choose a product that is completely finished and professionally designed by well established and reputable developers.


The new “Buyers” are becoming more knowledgeable and sophisticated, thanks to the internet and the virtual world. Clearly, there is a demand to know more than who the developer is, but also how long it’s been in business, what other developments it has successfully finished and what its reputation is like. Credibility is the new buzzword. It is not enough when websites and advertisements pay lip service to the developers. The buyers now expect more customer service, more finished products, more information and far less about fluff. It is no longer enough to know the size, the cost and the color, buyers now need to touch and “test drive” to know whether it feels right and comfortable.


The Philippine housing market will continue to benefit from overseas Filipino remittances. Adding to this is the fast growing industry of business-process outsourcing which hires many Filipinos who will need to move in closer to their employment. Education is still foremost an important goal for parents to give to their children and buying condos in areas where they send their children to college will further boost the real estate industry.

Interest rates will likely remain at low levels in 2012. According to Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas Governor, Amando Tetangco, “at this point in time, the inflation outlook is good and the monetary authorities have leeway to ease policy by lowering interest rate or the bank reserve requirements to support its economy in the face of global uncertainties”.

So, if you’re looking for a new home, 2012 should be a good year with great interest rates, innovative homes often ready for immediate occupancy, and housing prices anticipated to rise only modestly.

Linmarr Towers wishes you success in your home-hunting endeavors for the coming year of the DRAGON. We invite you to come in and “test drive” your prospective new home and experience first-hand how it feels to live in luxury. Linmarr Towers is all about simple pleasures: Comfort, convenience and peace of mind.

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You can browse through each floor and choose your favorite unit. Find out the details of this particular unit ie:

  • area measurements,
  • availability,
  • price,
  • amortization schedule,
  • promotional offers,
  • and sample computations (Mortgage Calculator).

Try out the mortgage calculator to determine the monthly payments that would suit your budget.

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