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Lifestyle in Davao

Linmarr Towers is perfect for those who want to downsize without sacrificing the ability to live fully in comfort. Offering the ideal blend of sophistication and charm, Davao City is rich in activities for people of all ages and tastes. Whether you love to quietly watch the waves and take nature walks along the beach or exhilarate in mountain climbing or championship golf, Linmarr towers is where you want to be. Davao also adopts to multiculturalism, as people continue to immigrate to the city from virtually every corners of the world.

Davao will capture your heart with its charming shops, colorful cafes and friendly people. The region boasts of world class medical facilities, fitness gyms, marina, resorts, memorial parks, a vibrant party scene, an exotic nightlife and year-round festivals and events. You'll enjoy locally grown produce and an abundance of fruits and flowers... Fresh fish and seafood can be purchased directly from fishermen.

Owning a property in Davao and calling her your "HOME" will open your heart to an island lifestyle that envelopes you in its warmth and authenticity.

Link to the buyer's guide in purchasing a Linmarr Towers home. Resources-FlowChart Link to the buyer's guide in purchasing a Linmarr Towers home. Resources-FlowChart
 Purchasing Guidelines and Requirements(PDF)
 Requisitos para los Compradores(PDF)

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